Japan Display unveiled flexible LCD display

While we already know the popularity of curved displays like in Samsung Galaxy Edge series but they use a lot expensive OLED technology, here is a new competition in the market by Japan displays. Japan display revealed a new 5.5 inch flexible screen for smartphone which uses LCD technology.

This new display will be cheaper than normal LCD screen because of its uses of plastic instead of glass. It is not as flexible as screens based on OLED, Japan display claims it will be similar to the samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

flexible LCD display image

There are going to be some new smartphones in the upcoming years with bendable LCD. Company also hoped to sell the displays for other uses too like laptops and computer.

Samsung has already announced it is going all in with its flexible OLED display technology with the rival companies in displays market like LG are also planning to release similar products.

Although, it is going to take some time in making inexpensive display that users can freely bend themselves.