Face unlock in Honor View 10 through OTA update

Huawai launched its flagship phone the Honor View 10, at the end of last year. But with comparison to other flagships, it was missing one important feature. Yes, the Face Unlock. It seems now that we won't have to wait for long to get that feature in Honor View 10. Huawei announced that the Honor View 10 will get face unlock in upcoming OTA update, which has already started rolling and will available to everyone till January 24.

In addition to these the Chinese manufacturer has added some extra features to this Face Unlock. Well, some to have something different from competitors and some due to low security levels of feature like it it only available for unlocking you screen not for things like online payments.

Huawei Honor View 10 Boxed

Well, here are some of the good features of the Face Unlock :
1. The Phone won't unlock until your eyes are closed same as OnePlus 5T and very necessary. So, Shout-out to Huawei for this.

2. The feature can also tell when you are looking at the phone and won't turn off display even if you don't use the phone but it will go black if you look away for certain period of time.

3. It can also detects if you are looking at the lock screen nd expand the notifications so you can read them. It anyone else is using it hide away the sensitive notifications.

The other things this OTA brings is the option to change the background of images while using the front camera, motion detection for both cameras for that detects a moving subject and captures the entire movement and improved AI ssisted image enhancment for hing powered digital zoom images.