Google Play Music launches unlimited plan at ₹89 in India

Google has lanched its Play Music Unlimited service in India at ₹89 which costs much lower than other countries like in US at $9.99(₹640). Apple Music is at ₹120 and the local ones like Saavn and Gaana starts at ₹99. Although the difference between the cost is minimal which is unlikely to influence other's companies subscribers' decision.`

Play Music is also offering free cloud storage so you can upload 50,000 of your own tracks and stream them just like you would any other track in its library. There are some limitations like it does not have a podcast section like the one available to users in the US and canada since last April. If you’re in India, you can sign up here to try Google Play Music Unlimited for Rs. 89 a month; you’ll get a free 30-day free trial when you subscribe.