GoPro HERO6 Black Price Gets ₹8000 Price Cut

The action camera company GoPro reduced the price of its latest flagship camera HERO6 Black to ₹37,000, down from ₹45,000. It was launched in India last year. Meanwhile the other GoPro Camera GoPro Hero5 Black and GoPro Hero5 Session are priced at ₹27,000 and ₹18,000 respectively. These two cameras had seen significant price cuts in December last year. Much we can say is price drop is significant but the prices is still much higher than the US Price which is at $399.99 (rounghly around ₹25,500).

GoPro Hero6 Black Components

The GoPro Hero6 Black is Powered by Custom-designed GP1 Processor. The camera can record videos in 4K@60fps and 1080p@240fps. Now with the QuickStories feature, the Hero6 Black users can easily share the short videos of the footage from GoPro. The HERO6 Black camera is waterproof up to 10m. Similar to the company's previous cameras it has Wi-Fi and voice control feature in 10 languages.