Pokemon Go finally arrives in South Korea

Finally, Pokemon Go is launched in South Korea and is availabe as of today after six months of its initial release. It was being held up because of its connections with Google Maps, which the south Korean government keeps very close tabs on.

Well, the reason behind the delay was because of the availability of Google Maps in South Korea, as technically it is still at war with North Korea, and the government keeps a close eye on all digital maps for national security reasons. Neither Niantic nor Pokémon Korea were specific in how they got around the restrictions.

Before the game's offcial lauch in South Korea some Pokemon fans used to go to Sokcho, a city near North Korea border, where the game ca be played as it is not considered in South Korea on Google Maps.

South Korea is the world's fourth-biggest gaming market after China, the United States and Japan, according to Amsterdam-based research firm Newzoo.